We have a vacancy for a 3D Wave Modeller / Animator! 

Job Type: Full time, 8 months contract

The Position:  3D Wave Modeller / Animator

Rate: $48K (incl. Super and leave)

Job Description:

We’re looking for that special someone who is interested in getting in on the ground floor and growing with a small company with an eye to the future. Bungarra is an independent developer/ publisher based in Fremantle, Western Australia. Bungarra develops high-quality, high-impact, multi-platform sports games.

Are you a Maya (mainly) or Max expert that can model out a dry game designer’s schematic into an ocean environment full of mood and personality? It’s both a left and right brain affair, you’ll get to work with cutting edge software and have tremendous artistic input into the final product. All in all it’s a lot of aesthetic responsibility, but if you’re the kind of person that glories in making beautiful things, then this is the job for you.


  • Ability to model, texture and animate 3D waves, ocean water and objects to a HIGH level of quality. Animation is a major component of this job
  • Ability to extend Maya to create specific wave modelling animation controllers for the creation and animation of realistic ocean waves
  • Attention to detail – modeling, colour and shape is vital. You are creating realistic ocean waves which is extremely challenging
  • A good working knowledge of Maya, 3DS Max, Photoshop etc
  • Quickly master in-house tools – as well as 3rd party packages such as Phyre Engine
  • Ability to work collaboratively and efficiently with the FX artist and graphics programmer
  • Traditional skills a MUST
  • Technical skills a MUST
  • Ability to adapt art style to match that of game being produced. Ability to work to a brief.
  • Understanding of lighting concepts, and the ability to effectively light environments. This is a MUST
  • Good use of line and light
  • Understanding of 3D lighting solutions including ray-tracing, radiosity, HDRL, vertex lighting, and light-maps
  • Breadth of artistic styles
  • Understanding of colour theory
  • An interest in Photography
  • Excellent environmental concept art skills.
  • Excellent eye for colour.
  • Core fundamentals, as well as light, form, shadow, colour
  • Importance of dates/milestones, teamwork and organization. Understanding of when to sacrifice time or quality for one another
  • Good knowledge of Art History


  • 2 Years Minimum experience as a 3D Artist in Video games or related Industry OR,
  • Minimum of 3-year University level degree with an emphasis in modelling and texturing.
  • You must have a Demo reel that shows 3d environment modelling and texture work and, be prepared to demonstrate skill-set via a working to a brief set by Bungarra at the studio
  • Referees must be provided

Demonstrable Character Traits:

  • Must have a passion for games and interactive entertainment. You’ve also got to know something about sports games. Interest in surfing is a major advantage
  • You need to have an excellent work ethic. This needs to be demonstrable and is non negotiable. We are a media, deadline driven business. Punctuality and stamina on the job is everything.
  • Absolute determination to see a job through.
  • Ability to rapidly learn & assimilate new technologies
  • Ability to work collaboratively with artists and programmers
  • Dedication to high quality environment art.
  • Remains focused, motivated and effective on all tasks through completion.
  • Demonstrates a desire to learn and grow professionally
  • This is not the right position for someone who really wants to do character work, OR, who wants to build pre-rendered movies.
  • Desire to ship quality products on time
  • Excellent communication skills in a team environment
  • EXCELLENT ATTENTION TO DETAIL. This is especially important, as re-work will be required. Near enough isn’t good enough
  • Ability to accurately estimate delivery, AND, deliver.


  • Graphic design / layout skills a plus.
  • Character animation, general animation skills
  • Efficacy with Adobe AE
  • Ability to effectively teach others.


Applicants must be able to work at our Fremantle studios and must already be a resident of Perth Western Australia. We are employing Perth based people or ex-Perth people looking to move home only at this point. Interstate and OS based people will be considered at a later stage

  • Email only. No visits or phone calls, please.
  • Applications by COB Friday 10th May, 2019
  • The Subject line of your email must reference the job title and your name, like this: 3D Wave Modeller: Last name, First name
  • Include your resume as an email attachment, preferably as a PDF or in Word 2003 or later format. Include links to online portfolio if applicable.
  • Make sure your resume also includes your name, address, phone, and email.
  • Send email to: admin@bungarra.com

 *Principle applications only. No recruitment firms please*