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The Surfer is an arcade styled leaderboard sports game played out over an expansive world tour. The game features retro styled graphics layered over a hard core physics base, offering incredible gameplay depth. For the first time ever in a surfing game – you can physically pump up and down the wave to build up momentum and then score big, purely, as a result of the speed generated from the wave. In this leader-board style of competition, complete with waves that barrel, peak, break left, right, or just foam crumble. Pro Tour “hopefuls” battle it out on the Qualifying Tour trying to earn a place on the lucrative Pro Tour.

The Surfer PS3

Old School graphics, Nu Skool Gameplay

The Surfer Core: The Surfer Core is a solid single & multiplayer  experience. Get your toes wet by competing on the Qualifying and Pro Tour’s.

Get shacked…all the time!

The Surfer PS3

Fun game, easy to buy

The Surfer PS3

Extreme sports games are really hard to find nowadays, and must of them aren’t worth the price. However, this one is, it’s a nice throwback to games we haven’t seen much of in the past few years.

Manio31, IndieDB

Was told about this, came here for it and had serious doubts. But it’s a solid rockin surf game


Momentum based gameplay

The Surfer PS3

Feels like it should

The Surfer PS3

Whoa! This is a really awesome game you guys have here! ’bout to move out to San Diego in 2 weeks. This should keep me busy until I can pick up some real waves again! thanks lots bros! Got my buy 😉

ZaliaS, IndieDB

As a surfer for the past 25 years I have to say your game is the best surfing game hands down I have played. It’s uncannily realistic and you get that stoke feeling when you get a good wave! Keep up the awesome work guys and don’t sell out when EA or Activision want to buy your game. I think you’ve just invented the cure to surfless psychosis!

Linden, User Blog comments March, 2018

The Surfer

The Surfer® combines high-speed momentum based surfing with big carves and air tricks on incredible waves from around the globe. The game features retro styled graphics layered upon real surfing physics with a true-to-life feel and sense of control – but powered up for arcade fun.

The Surfer PS3 Indie Review

The Surfer PS3

The Surfer PS3 Core. Purchase now from Sony PSN.

Momentum based surfing at it’s best