Job Type: Full-time, 3 month contract

The Position:  UI/UX artist

Rate: $48K (incl. Super and leave)

Job Description:

Our properties demand a premium user interface, and the small UI team within Bungarra needs your help designing, creating and implementing that interface (the menu, in-game screens and HUD) across multiple platforms and languages!

The UI Artist position requires not only an understanding of traditional Graphic Design, but some comfort with 3D modelling, animation, game design and even a dash of programming. It’s much more than creating icons. It requires a “jack of all trades” confidence to be successful.

You will be working within established technical and design specifications, alongside helpful team members. Prior industry experience is not needed, although you will be expected to be able to both collaborate and work independently, troubleshoot technical issues, all while maintaining a demanding workload in a fast-paced environment.

Key Responsibilities

You are responsible for creating and implementing high quality images and animations using a 3rd party tool (Coherent Gameface), working with our gameplay programmer. As the UI artist you’ll be driving the team to make sure the high-quality standard is always met. A thorough understanding of game pipelines and gameplay mechanics is essential in this role.

Communication, approachability and proactivity is vital for this role, as you will be expected to engage with other artists to drive content and new concepts through.

Knowledge, Skill and Experience Essential

  • First and foremost, your resume, portfolio and/or demo reel MUST demonstrate sound graphic design skills (Layout/Composition, Typography, Iconography and Copywriting).

Additionally, your body of work should also showcase AT LEAST TWO of the following offerings:

  • Interactive design/UX (mobile/web/flash)
  • Animation/Motion Graphics
  • Some 3D Modelling Experience
  • LUA scripting


  • 2 Years Minimum experience as a UI/UX developer in Video games or related Industry OR,
  • Minimum of 3-year University degree.
  • Please note that even candidates with promising portfolios will likely be asked to complete a UI test. This 2 day test will be used to demonstrate your artistic skill, creativity, ambition, technical and industry knowledge, as well as your ability to improvise.
  • Referees must be provided

Demonstrable Character Traits:

  • Must have a passion for games and interactive entertainment. You’ve also got to know something about sports games.
  • You need to have an excellent work ethic. This needs to be demonstrable. We are a media, deadline driven business. Punctuality and stamina on the job is everything.
  • EXCELLENT ATTENTION TO DETAIL. This is especially important, as re-work will be required. Near enough isn’t good enough
  • Self motivated
  • Ability to accurately estimate delivery, AND, deliver.
  • Excellent problem-solving skills with emphasis on proactivity
  • Excellent communication skills and proven ability to work well within a small team with a passion for games
  • Take constructive criticism very well and complete tasks by the assigned due dates
  • Absolute determination to see a job through.
  • Ability to rapidly learn & assimilate new technologies
  • Ability to work collaboratively with artists and programmers
  • Remains focused, motivated and effective on all tasks through completion.
  • Desire to ship quality products on time


Applicants must be able to work at our Fremantle studios and must already be a resident of Perth Western Australia. We are employing Perth based people only at this point.

  • Email only. No visits or phone calls, please.
  • Applications by COB Friday 10th May, 2019
  • The Subject line of your email must reference the job title and your name, like this: Animator: Last name, First name
  • Include your resume as an email attachment, preferably as a PDF or in Word 2003 or later format. Include links to online portfolio if applicable.
  • Make sure your resume also includes your name, address, phone, and email.
  • Send email to:

 *Principle applications only. No recruitment firms please*