Hey, thanks for being here and showing an interest in BL Pro Surfing. BL Pro Surfing is a game made by a small group of people (around 4 FTE, 4 PTE), passionate about surfing – this includes the sport, the lifestyle and our culture. We’re still working on the game and we are constantly fixing bugs and adding new features.

Is this a finished game?2022-03-29T12:04:43+08:00

It’s a full game, but we’re still working on it and we’ve got a lot of plans. Downstream we are particularly interested  in multiplayer. As many people will understand, because we are dealing with water and ocean waves, this is a particularly challenging task.
Some features that didn’t make the cut are in the process of being polished and will be added in future updates.

Where can I play BL Pro Surfing?2022-03-26T14:58:26+08:00

BL Pro Surfing 2022 will available on the Xbox One, Steam, & Windows PC. The game is coming to Series X|S, and the PS5 later this year!


At this stage we don’t have plans to develop a version running on PS4, as it is below the specs we currently need for BL Pro Surfing. However, you can play BL Pro Surfing on Xbox One and later Xbox Series X and PS5.

Is this a simulation or is it more arcade focused?2022-03-26T14:55:58+08:00

The gameplay is balanced between hard core simulation and arcade, a bit like the Skate series.

Does BL Pro Surfing support modding?2022-03-26T14:24:17+08:00

Our sole focus is on delivering the best surfing experience we can. So while we don’t officially support mods (just yet), we are keen to see where the community will take this.

I just want to Free Surf – how do I unlock the locations?2022-03-26T14:20:32+08:00

You get 2 locations unlocked immediately. You’ve got to compete in the competitions as a general rule but luckily because this is a leaderboard game, you don’t have win a comp to unlock a location. Competing at a location alone is enough.

I’ve heard you can change the weather conditions in the game? What?2022-03-26T14:14:24+08:00

Yep. Head over to Free Surf, load up the menu and toggle the conditions that you want and surf your brains out!

Can I surf natural or goofy foot?2022-03-26T14:11:01+08:00

Yes, you can. Head over to the character creator and scroll to “stance”. You can flip between Natural and Goofy right there.

Can I make feature requests?2022-03-26T14:08:01+08:00

Absolutely! We’re always open to ideas and feedback. Just remember that you’ll have a better chance of being heard if you’re constructive and polite. Email: admin@bungarra.com


How can I report bugs?2022-03-26T14:03:04+08:00

If you’ve found a bug and think it’s not listed yet, please contact us at qa@bungarra.com. If you’re a PC gamer, please attach your player.log file so we can help track down and fix the problem

Where can I find the Soundtrack for BL Pro Surfing?2022-03-26T14:00:20+08:00

BL Pro Surfing features a Soundtrack compiled via our friends at Beehive in Sydney. Show some love for the bands and buy their tracks on all good streaming services (e.g. Bandcamp etc). You can listen to the official soundtrack here on Spotify

What about Multiplayer?2022-03-26T12:57:49+08:00

BL Pro Surfing supports online Leaderboards at this point, and downstream we plan to add multiplayer modes, hopefully that supports some cross play. As you can imagine with a moving ocean, this is not an easy task so it will take us some time.

We hope to expand multiplayer options in the near future.