We are Bungarra, Perth’s premier 3D Modelling, Animation, Games & Web Design Studio. If you haven’t visited us before, we are a small, friendly 3D production company proudly based in Fremantle, Western Australia. What we do? Well, we kind of do a lot. We build console games and we offer high end 3D animation and modelling services. We also develop websites, graphic design, logo creation and visual effects. We service a range of industries and we’ve been around since 1998. Our deep heritage is in console game development and digital publishing, with a focus on sporting games. We can work with static objects or make things move. We love all things digital; bold straightforward design combined with navigation that is intuitive. Our focus is a beautiful and simple image. This philosophy is at the heart of who we are and what we do. To that end we design sharp and polished 3D models, simple but engaging websites or high end graphic logos and images. We can help you launch a new brand or we can assist you with a brand re-launch. We develop engaging Word Press websites; a bespoke design specifically centered upon your needs. For graphics we use a range of tools from Photoshop through to 3DS Max and Maya. In the end it’s all about functional images and objects that truly represent your business and then make for better conversion rates. Bungarra Software is a small and nimble development studio with lower overheads. It makes sense then, that Bungarra can offer a high quality technical service at a reasonable cost to ensure that your conversion rate is, well, actually realized. After all, we understand the bottom line is very important to business’ – both small and large. We work with individuals, start-ups or multinationals.

Email us at admin(at)bungarra.com to discuss your project needs.