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What we do


Just some of the industries we assist

Game Development

Using our high end console game development skill-sets, we can help with projects from scratch or PC / console ports via our well-worn production pipelines and process.

Work for hire

Game development, of all the digital disciplines is the toughest. Period. We are licensed to develop for the Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft console platforms.

Architecture & Building

We can help you with you with beautifully rendered architectural and building design. Beautiful high end concepts in 3D, delivered cheaply, efficiently and to scale.

Large or small projects

We discuss your vision with you, or you can simply send your files through to us. We need your CAD file or .dwg file from your architect or designer in order to work through the site plan.

Advertising & Marketing

We work with the advertising industry. Think of us as a 3D back of house technical guns for hire that will help you bring that initial creative idea, or fully blown vision to life.

Free Quotes

All consultation quotes are free. Your final 3D model or animation can be delivered in your choice of formats for use in print, online, broadcast, or delivery via CD/DVD. We develop solutions for all budget ranges.

Film & Television

Our history, DNA and pedigree is in entertainment. We can model and animate anything in 3D you need to completely blow away audiences with your special creative vision.


We are solely focused on quality service and explicit communication with you. We will keep you informed every step of the way to ensure that if you ask for a horse, you don’t end up with a donkey!



We work at the cutting edge of this fast moving and highly specialized medium, which demands a unique blend of creativity and technical finesse. With a fast moving pipeline and a culture of agile technical innovation, we deliver the bold, the new and the breathtaking as standard. We love 3D animation. From 3D modellers to animators to riggers, we share one characteristic – we’re obsessed with creative excellence. We work on the tiny details and spectacular scenes that make models and animations truly mind-blowing. Creating anything from breathtaking environments, awesome creatures, futuristic spaceships to explosive destruction sequences.

We don’t just work in 3D. We also create simple (or complex) 2D animations for video presentations, television commercials, film, music videos, web – any medium.


You dream it, we’ll build it


Bungarra Software Pty Ltd

Phone: 08 6420 0328

Mail Contact: PO BOX 253 Mosman Park, Perth Western Australia

Email: admin (at) bungarra.com

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Bungarra Software

Bungarra Software Pty Ltd

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Phone: 64200328
Email: admin@bungarra.com
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